Sunday, March 8, 2009

The end of the sixth month!

Hey all, so we are coming up on the end of our sixth month. I have a doctor's apointment this week so it is again time to update the family on how i'm looking. And since I wore one of my new/used maturnity shirts to church today I thought it would be a good time to show off my belly. Maturnity shirts definetly make me look bigger than the days I wear slumpy old t-shirts, but you might as well see me at my biggest :D
The fun thing about being a photo major I have all this equipment to take all my pix myself. So they are a little better than last months, and this time no Cory to even hit the button. I have a remote and set it all up on my tri-pod. I'm so talented, jk. So if my face is funny it is because I had no one to smile at but myself and my silliness. The last one I was attempting for a mugshot. Enjoy :D


So this is by request of my sister to share the beauties of freecycle. This is a dresser we got off of freecycle that all the baby clothes and things are going to go in. It was pretty dirty when we got it, but now it is as good as new. It was a funny sight to get it in our little car and home. But Cory was willing to put up with my insanity and now we have a free dresser. We are still considering painting it, but it may be awhile since life has just gotten really busy.