Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Talk about crazy. My sister and her kids came down today and visited for a few hours. It was so much fun to have them here, and see baby Kenzi. She was born Aug 30th while James was born June 16th, so only two and a half months apart. James has grown like a monster, and it shows in this picture. I've completely lost sight of how abnormal it is for him to be this big. It's just what I'm used to every day. Enjoy!

 This video shows how cute they are together. Since they were born so close together we are convinced that they hung out in heaven together, and they contently laid next to each other for quite a few minutes. Though watch out Kenzi James might eat you! :D 
Kids Crazy Kids... This is all five of Nana's grand-babies together, though as you can see they are not all babies. We had to take them fast because James was tired and was getting fussy. It was a crazy day with all of them in our little apartment, but it was so much fun! 

You can also see here how big James really is. Elli is three years older than James. 

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Clothes

So we got this darling little outfit through one of Cory's friends from the grounds crew. He had been airing my complaint that little girls have a million times more things they can wear to church that is appropriate, but it is so hard to find church clothes for baby boys. She said something to her mom and then a few weeks later this adorable little outfit showed up in the mail that her Mom had found on some clearance rack. I didn't think James would fit it until Christmas, but he is growing so fast that it fits him now. I put it on this morning and just died with how cute it was. So I made Cory take the pic with both of them in their vests. I love it, now I've just got to keep him from growing out of it :D jk.

P.s. James was very tired before church as you can see in these pictures, but I strive for that each Sunday so he will sleep through Relief Society and part of Sunday School.


I got this funny pic during dinner the other night. As many of you know the crib is practically in our kitchen our apartment is so small, so we had put James in there so we could eat, and he looked so pitiful. I missed the moment though because two seconds before he was holding onto the bars with this look of "LET ME OUT".

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lip Licking Fun!

So here is one of James' new skills. Cory thinks that he must be the only baby in the world to figure out how to suck on his upper lip. It's probably the fact that he doesn't have teeth that makes it possible. I just love watching him discover new things about himself everyday.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sitting propped up.

James seems to be doing new things everyday. This is a combination of his new skills.
Oops! I didn't even realize I'd filmed it the wrong way till I posted. Sorry Guys. That's the problem with a camera you can turn to look at. Can't turn the computer. Hope you enjoy it anyway.

This one is at least the right direction.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Crazy Baby!

So James has given up on rolling over from his belly. He now hates his belly and screams every time I put him there. Alas he has forgotten that trick. But this is his new trick, and it makes him very happy. Even though he only makes it halfway there, I'm waiting for the day he actually rolls over and realizes that all it did was put him on his belly which he hates. But I do think he is super anxious to move on his own, because he's started watching my feet now as I carry him places. So we will continue to encourage him to strengthen his muscles and learn new tricks :D

Monday, September 7, 2009

Introducing the Singing James!

So I sing to James... a LOT. Mostly because it calms him down when I'm trying to get something done, and I'm not holding him. But we play a lot together too. This little diddy we just learned last week at the Provo City Library's "Book Babies" (storytime for babies). We went with our friends Becky and Levi. James is very clever and has started singing with me. Today we caught it on film. Enjoy!

Poor sleeping baby!

Poor James. He's begun wiggling a lot in his sleep, and sometimes I will wake up and his head will be right up against the crib bars. This morning Daddy woke up and found him hanging out all together. Don't worry he was just fine, and it didn't wake him up at all, even to move him. Crazy cute baby.


So this is James' first football game. He did seem to be cheering along till we got the camera out, so this doesn't show his reaction near as much, but he did seem very curious with it. We didn't end up watching the whole game, but he has begun to have his first few tastes of it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Internet at Home!

We finally have the internet at home. It was sort of forced upon us by the complex (meaning they raised the rent). But I will enjoy it since I'm now graduated and am definitely not at school every day online anymore. I'm so glad to have it at home and be able to update the blog whenever he is sleeping or just quietly playing. Due to it being so long I have updated 8 times today, filling you in on all of the events of the last month and a half. ENJOY!

Rattle game with Daddy!

Daddy filmed this little game yesterday. It marks intentional smacking of the rattles. James has been hitting them for weeks now, but we haven't been sure how intentional/controlled it has been. This shows his focus and control. We are so excited. And it's so cute to see them interact together. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do.

Most recent Pix

I took these just last week. They show a bit of his hair. I'm so glad that it's growing back in. For awhile there he looked like a little old man. He still has a little bit of craddle cap, but you can't see that in these pix. In these we are showing off how good he can hold up his head. Yay! Every little milestone is fun for us to see.

Aunt Becky's Blanket

Becky's Blanket is one of our favorite's and Daddy and I really enjoy it because we always find Bubby with his toes sticking through and fuzz in the palms of his hands from grabbing fistfuls of it. It's so cute!

Chubby Bubby Swimming

We've taken the Bubby swimming twice now. I think that he likes the water, but not how cold our pool is. He is always shocked by the look on his face, but he never has screamed he just calmly thinks about what's going on and why. He is SOoo chubby I love it!

Play Date

I am always amazed by how much bigger James' is than other babies. This adorable little girl's name is Kelcie and her dad was helping us out with our car. She is a whole month older than James, and so tiny in comparison. She has the most beautiful long fingers though.

Chillin' Out

We caught James just dozing to some tunes the other day. The remote to the computer is the perfect fit for him :D

James' Blessing

It's always great to have the family together, and it was so wonderful to have so much family come to support us and James that weekend. James was blessed Aug 2nd so these pictures are already a month old, but it is important to post anyway.

Here are my niece's and nephew with Baby James. It shows how really big of a baby he is. Their newest sister was just born and she definitely isn't so big. :D


We took this video just before James' blessing a month ago just when he was beginning to smile. Enjoy!