Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My first Novel

Ok, I'm just kidding about the novel part. I just read all of my friends blogs and they post way more text than Cory and I do. Understandably we post mostly pictures. We do have a few new ones to post, but since I am at work, and it is really slow, and all the pictures are at home I thought I would just give a quick update on what's going on. We had a great Christmas. We were able to drive to Idaho Falls, with a quick stop in Logan both ways so James got to see all of his Grandparents for his first Christmas.
I really think James loved Christmas, mostly for all the attention he got. The week before James finally started sitting up on his own. I was a little worried initially that it was taking him so long, but our Dr. didn't seem concerned since he is advanced in his vocal skills for his age, and all kids learn differently. Now that he is sitting up he hates doing anything else, and has already started developing the core strength to pull himself up to a sitting position. He is so close :D
The biggest development though over Christmas was James is getting his first tooth! It started crowning Christmas Eve! Once it is in enough to get a picture I will, but right now it wouldn't look like much. We were so blessed though, because even though he was teething he was only midly cranky. Which was a lot for his sweet little personality, but compared to some he was an angel. I really hope all of his teeth come in so easy. We'll see.
As for presents we were all really blessed, and James made out like a bandit. That's what he gets for being so cute. We are all really happy to be home now, and preparing for the new semester for Daddy. And buckling down for the rest of the winter without so many trips and no car. For now we are optomistic. Happy Holidays to all and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Santa Suit

Merry Christmas. This is an adorable Santa Suit from James' Great-Aunt Linda. James wasn't super happy, but he enjoyed the christmas lights. Daddy came home at the last minute to get a few really great smiles out of him. And the others were too cute to resist. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bell play

Giggly Boy

James has started to be ticklish. It has been way more fun for us to play with him now. Enjoy:D

New Sounds

James has started experimenting with sounds and has learned his mama sound. Cory is convinced it is his first word. Whereas I'm not as convinced that that is what this is, it still makes me happy that he is getting close and I love to hear it, even though it usually sound really whinny :D

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BathTime Splashes

Daddy caught these cute little splashes in the tub today. Don't worry he was careful to not make it embarrassing in the future for our little boy. It just shows how long he is that he can sit in his little bath chair and his feet hang off so far. Someday soon he will be sitting up in the bath. I can't wait 'cause then he'll be splashing with his hands and playing, and just having so much fun. For now he enjoys trying to get Mommy and Daddy wet this way :D Oh and Cory said he was splashing a lot more before the camera came out. Isn't that always how it is ;)

Baseball Boy

James is getting so good at grabbing things. We love to play games with him, and try all sorts of new things. Daddy put the baseball cap on James the other night in spirit of the outfit he was wearing and we just had to catch what he was doing on film. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


James loves peakaboo. It is the easiest way to make him laugh. I hope you enjoy this little game we played this afternoon.

James also wanted to say Love You to all of the Family :D


James has a special connection with his Great-Grandma Crouch, Gigi. They just laugh and laugh together every time they see each other. It is really cute. He was pretty tired the day we got this, but even then he still laughed at Gigi. Enjoy!

Paper Bags

The best toys are paper bags of that I am sure. This isn't even the best example, but James sure likes the noise they make. I try to keep them out of his mouth, but I'm not always successful :D Enjoy :D

First Veggie

We started James on Veggies last night. It only went so so as you can see from the video. I think he will eventually like the new flavors we are giving him, but for now it is still a learning experience.

Christmas Decorating

James enjoyed helping Mommy decorate for Christmas. :D