Saturday, May 9, 2009

St. George Trip..on the road

We have successfully made it to St. George with our baby safely where he is supposed to be. :) We got an extra upgrade in our car rental, we think by accident, but are enjoying the extra space. Kayla is also rejoicing in the effectiveness of a brand new car's air conditioning. Our hotel is sunny and nice, the palm trees remind Cory of his happy days in San Diego, and as soon as Kayla goes back for her second round at the complimentary breakfeast in a few minutes we will be off to the St. George temple. Hope all is well in the family. More updates from the trip soon.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

34 weeks along only 6 more to go!

So for all those that haven't heard yet, our doctor's apt went well this week. And we have been green lighted for the trip to St. George this weekend. We are going to shoot my friend Irene's wedding. It is going to be hot and tiring but fun. We are both excited and glad we can go. I would be very sad to have to tell Irene to find another photographer by Saturday. Anyway here's the updated pix. I still look like a basketball, but am steadily growing more and more, but suprising haven't passed the averages yet. I'm still right on track. I have started having subtle cravings for ice cream and last night Arby's but nothing so intense Cory has to get out of bed in the middle of the night for. Hope you all have a great week. :D

Crib Assembly

Sorry once again that my blogging is so sporatic. This is Cory putting together the crib on a sunday night after all the family left two weeks ago. He was just so excited to put it together. It didn't take him long, and now it looks just great. Thank you to my parents for letting us have the crib, a huge expense we don't have to incur now, and it will work out fabulously. It looks a little cramped in the pix, and it is a little, but not as bad as that first night. Because we've moved stuff around since then. We have almost everything now, and just have six weeks to wait for baby to come. :D

p.s. oopps didn't mean for the pix to go in backwards order.